Whiney- Creating A Charm

“Full of aggressive grinding bass that is so accomplished it sounds like it’s been around for years”

Talisman, the opening song and album name heralds a plethora of greatness that is about to descend on you. Beginning with distant ethereal vocals the beat descends into a warbling grinding bass that is a surprise if you have been following whiney and his distinct melodic style. Beyond Reach No, No, No more like Yes, Yes, Yes! This has old school almost garage vibes all over this. Dominant vocals start this sweet roller before riding off into some nice atmospheric  bass peppered with a few jungle samples and that distinctive jungle drum my does this make you want to start cutting I defy you to not be singing this by the end. Oxford Road weirdly the first 3 seconds remind me of Nero scorpion but this is nothing like that musically. The presence of a piano does not disappoint and fitting electronic vocals from the man himself advances the 3rd song of the album into a more down tempo melodic sound. The standout element of this track that synth string evoking all my memories of the 80’s in a mad rush! This track is a hypnotic roller with oodles of punchy bass drops. Portal, this track has had a lot of exposure and rightfully so. This track is full of aggressive grinding bass that is so accomplished it sounds like it’s been around for years. Sun kissed, urbandawn graces his presence on this light atmospheric gem. If you know urbandawn you can hear his distinctive reverse bass throughout this beautiful perfect for the summer track. Minds Collide = Mind blown, this Hindi sampled beat all with deep bass and forbiddance is one of the stand out tracks that really highlights the musical diversity of Whiney. Brilliant breaks with sharp claps and snares and a cropped electronic melody weaving it’s way in between it all will guarantee this track will get a heavy rotate.

Archive, this club banger invokes images of old jungle raves with its heavy kicks and bass leading on to another club banger Flashlight featuring the legendary Inja. The dark bumping bass features predominantly throughout and you will be shining your light brightly especially if you hear this at a rave. Never too long, a match up with Keeno is always a recipe for something wonderful. The array of sounds in this mixture gives the album a break from the stonking bass of the last couple of tracks. This is all melodic soul you just need the sun and a rooftop terrace and it’s a wrap. Last Contact, this track benefits from a catchy hook vocalised by lakeway. Oozing all seriousness this roller takes a nice divergent with some tasty breaks throughout. Rockhopper, starts off innocently before building into a dirty rolling bass stonker. Hypnotic chants weave their presence throughout littered with some pan fusion influences. The Farthest Shine, the album fittingly finishes on what can only be described as liquid gold. Featuring unglued this track pieces together what is a well composed ground breaking debut first album from Whiney. Sounding by far beyond its years Whiney definitely has carved out a seat for himself at the DnB table get comfy!



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