Satl- Everything and Anything Goes!

The main man Satl delivers a stonking EP Everything Anything due for exclusive release via Integral stores on 13th April or general release on 20th April 2018. Fittingly released on Integral records this EP manages to cover all bases starting off with the EP namesake Everything Anything is a piano laden gem full of funky bass grooves and a mesmerizing vocal hook that for me is reminiscent of the lead singer from London Grammar. Dreamworld throws you into a atmospheric underwater bubble and takes you on a deep thoughtful journey. Reversing the vibe Overthinking is a wondrous soul jazzy number coupled perfectly with some chilled out synth vibes. For me The Void is my stand out track on this EP. This calculated roller with its dark growling bass line and distant vocal hooks peppered throughout will have you turning up the volume levels. On digital formats the EP will conclude on the wonderful exclusive All for you reminding me a bit of Nobody by Artificial Intelligence (I think it’s the breaks or the bass line!) this is just molten liquid ear caressing bliss and I can foresee this being played at events long into the future it’s that good! If your about that vinyl life I recommend reserving a copy of the limited edition vinyl so there’s no tears on it’s release! Patiently counting down the days….

Pre-Order Satl- Everything Anything

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