Tash Sultana- Golden Girl

Tash Sultana, this barefoot wonder born 15th June 1995 is an Australian born singer song writer who rose to fame from her amazing YouTube videos that brilliantly epitomize the wonder of making banging music in your bedroom no studio necessary!

Embodying the term one man band (or woman in this case) Sultana who apparently has been playing guitar since she was 3 years old (gasp!) started out busking and was even part of a band before her YouTube videos were viewed millions of times in 2016 propelling her to a then sold out tour in 2017. Releasing her EP Notion on her own independent label Lonely Lands records, this musical prodigy can play piano, trumpet, saxophone and drums to name a few and has the most seductive husky vocals to boot. Jungle one of the standout tracks on the EP takes you on a musical roller coaster with electric guitar solos that will make you clutch your chest they’re so layered with emotion. Notion also the EP name is a more down tempo vibe but still just as considered and emotive with way more use of her seductive vocals. Gemini is an electronic wonder with beautiful atmospheric pads and a thunderous bass and Synergy makes use of tabla drums, pan flutes and an array of strings that will caress your eardrums. There is also 2 live tracks just to give you an idea of what it might just be like to see this talented lady perform.

Its no wonder Sultana regularly sells out gigs, her musical plethora is vast and she will appeal to a large varied audience. There is another world tour scheduled this year following the release of her debut album this April, and that is truly something to look forward too. For now this solid EP will suffice in the meantime.

Tash Sultana Spotify

Info For Tash Sultana Tour

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