Bert H & HumaNature- Blackhouse Rocks!

Bert H and HumaNature bequeath us with a phenomenal EP released today on Galacy records called Blackhouse and it rocks, every song is solid no fillers in here.  Bert H from Moscow exploded onto the scene in 2014 and has been a regular on my playlists having worked with some of my idols Seba and Zero T and He’s debut album All About was released last year and that in itself is something to behold. HumaNature aka André Soares 24 from Portugal despite his young age his musical talent has been supported by DJ Marky, Technamtic and LTJ Bukem to name a few and with that kind of heavy weight endorsement that should give you an indication why this match up is so lethal. Taking it back to the reason I’m writing this piece Firstlight is an uplifting affair with clipping bass grooves, superb bleeps that always make you perpetually feel like your ascending with a faint hint of brass that makes this all gel together. These Days is a Minimalist vocal, piano rich ensemble with the perfect amount of synth that makes this song seem like its effortless. Blackhouse is the standout track on the EP it made me gasp when I heard it! Such a tune with some serious growling bass hooks, a wicked vocal sample and a whole host of sounds that will take your sensory nodes to another level.  With this level of beat making Bert H and Humannature will not be going anywhere soon, Amen to that!

Black house Purchase EP

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