Unglued- Chicken In A Spacesuit!

You definitely have to laugh at the name of this release but that laughter will die in your throat when you hear this offering from enigmatic drum and bass producer Unglued. The 2 tracks released on Hospital Records are serious bangers (maybe I am just a tad bit obsessed!) The name sake begins with some space infused effects weaved together with some top notch spookiness building up to descend into a electrified bass roller. Ghetto my personal favorite begins simply enough with some pared back percussion with what sounds like to me some hollow sounding rim shots that you know your gonna come to love before literally exploding into some tightly coiled warped bass, delicious! What I love about this release from Unglued is it’s simplification. Having been signed to Hospital Records in March of this year after sending in his track to be mastered by Nu:Tone’s mastering company (great ears obviously heard something epic) He has also made waves with his bootleg of the classic High Contrast If We Ever which I have personally seen blow up the dance floor and Boot Strap Bill released on the aptly titled Sick Music 2018 Compilation out on Hospital Records.

He definitely is one to watch and these latest tracks to use Hospital Records own words will leave you clucking for more from Unglued.

Unglued- Chicken In A Spacesuit Purchase

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