Logistics: Loving the Hologram!

Yep, I know I’m a little slow with this one having been released on the 30th of March 2018. Although I was aware of the banger Lotus Flower it totally slipped my mind to keep the album release date in my head. Well rather late than never is the case here and I am so glad I have finally got around to listening to this album. Logistics is always guaranteed to release some tightly arranged melodic banging tracks and this album does not disappoint. With a variety of styles on here the album is one of those where it does not have just 2 stand out tracks and the rest is meh! Not at all, Chant has some tasty classic logistic jungle vibes whilst Inemuri is a dark grinding bass roller. My heart was well and truly stolen by Microdot completely mind blown! Honestly, the atmosphere and the electronic synth paired together is just absolutely breath taking. It has so many layers it really is a work of art remember I called it though that is the tune! Broken Light features Thomas Oliver which is always a good sign with his amazing vocal diversity. This is a serious beauty of a track in ever sense with its rhapsodic melody and enchanting subtle guitar strings on this lyrical enthused nirvana.

With such a plethora of musical styles you really could put this album on from start to finish and not skip a track it’s that great. Check it out now remember I told you!

Logistics- Hologram

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