Embers of Light- Lighting up the Soul

Today I have discovered a right legend Artist Embers of light and I can’t believe they haven’t been on my radar long time ago. This caused me to delve in and find as much as I could about this artist as this sampler from the LP I listened to today is fantastic. Caught In A Deep is the forth coming album dropping soon (not sure of the date yet) and I be making sure to keep an eye out for it. Embers of Light also has a release coming out on the supreme label soul deep digital on the 17th July 2018 Overthinking and from what I heard geez its fire I will save that for a separate post closer to the time

The standout track on the Caught In A Deep sampler has to be Last Breath  a calm deep bass piano roller that at 3 mins 15 sec does the most disgusting switch up it will have you doing facial contortions like ‘What did I just hear!?’ Super sick change that gives this song some serious aggressive attitude. Time Away is a warm bass rat ta tat tat of a beauty! The frenetic percussion coupled with the drifting vocals will leave you floating in melodious  bliss. Give It 2 Me is another vocal gem with perfect cords on this energetic number while Chillwave is exactly that the chill when you hear the industrial bass sound switch ups it will leave you in a cold sweat! Kidding, but this track has got some serious tasty breaks.

I’ve left links as always be sure to check out this emerging talent.

Ember of Lights- Caught In A Deep Thought

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