L-Side- Carnal Mind

There are those times when your minding your own business busying yourself with life when the digital age strikes, you get an alert, it’s a new album release oh and it’s L-side! Sick, new tunes alright let me check it out. Never expecting yourself to be transported and whisked away on a musical roller coaster and at the end your spell bound, breathless and amazed at what you just bore witness too. This is one of those times! Carnal Mind is a deep, at times reflective, heavy weight album only befitting for the talents of L-Side. If you don’t know L-Side he is a Brazilian artist from Sao Paulo on super label V- Recordings, he first started out producing Hip-Hop beats before branching into the world of drum and bass and thank god he did (even though I love Hip-Hop!) He has established himself as big player in the field and regularly releases a club banger or two. This latest offering though is truly something else and really show cases the plethora of skills this talented producer has. Standout tracks for me without listing everything would be the album namesake Carnal Mind featuring Ras Tweed, this reflective chilled roller has some thought provoking words for the listener while the sub bass and drums never over power the melodic pace of this tune but still carries the weighty gravitas that makes this such a roller. Bricks with Stapleton on the vocal hook is a heavy minimal stepper with galactic elements and a sick industrial sounding bass that will induce the usual facial contortions! High Times begins lightly enough with smooth atmospheric pads and the velvety vocals of MC Fats before descending into a chunky warbling number and for good reason this track is doing the rounds on many a DJ set. We Still Burn featuring MC Fava is sublime, the epic build up with the echoing hi-hats and the serious sounding synth rides and drops into a deep snarling bass line as you drift on Fava’s lifting vocals.

There really is something for any type of palette the album often straying into genres such as reggae, funk and hip-hop. The fusion of all these ingredients together has cooked up something you will love. Check it out you won’t regret it! : )

L-Side- Carnal Mind

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