Radical- Touch / Build Me Up Bungle Remix

Krzysztof Golinski aka Radicall is pretty rad indeed! As someone described a living legend! An accomplished producer he has been releasing bangers since the early 2000’s on labels such as Absys Records, Terra Firma and Influenza  to name a few. One of my all time favorites from a little while back would have to be Nothing Better but to be fair there are so many!

He is back again with some brilliant fiery tracks on his epic release.

Touch / Build Me Up Bungle Remix 12” is out exclusively on Beatport and Spotify on the 2nd July 2018 and global release on the 13th July 2018, these are dates to keep in your diary!

Touch sets the scene with sweeping percussion all the while sounding like it is emerging from somewhere deep and aquatic before Touch breaks off into some jungle inspired bass resonance coupled with beautiful vocalized lyrics. This frenetic paced roller is powerful people.

Build me up original mix changes up the tempo with a more thoughtful mellifluous vibe with sweet sounding vocals this track never once lets go of the dark bassed undercurrent that is bubbling beneath the chilled surface.

Build me up- Bungle remix starting off with a serious melodic bass string, extrasolar cymbals and harmonic vocals leads you straight into a serious womping bass beauty that is begging to be played out of a worthy sound system. Fall in love rings out in one of the lyrics and I couldn’t help but laugh at the accuracy.

This is another exceptional release on the quality Absys Records you won’t be sorry you came across these golden nuggets.

Radicall- Discogs

Absys Records Website

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