What have I Been Listening To…..

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a post and that needs to be rectified immediately! That doesn’t mean that I have not been indulging in my favorite past time, there has been a slew of Drum and Bass bumpers that I’ve found throughout July up until now so I thought what better post to put up of all the tunes I’ve discovered. If you curate these you will surely have a tidy compilation to sink your teeth into.

To start things off I give you the wonderful Actraiser. A wonderful talent at bringing those liquid deep vibes All Alone from the Yesterday EP release is a song that still gets a heavy rotate on my device like the very first time I discovered it. So layered, beginning with a simple jungle kick and snare before whefting in a gorgeous piano the tune ramps up a gear on the sick drop descending into a rhythmic guttural bass bonanza electrified by some wonderful effective breaks. A wondrous sonorous assault on the cerebral and ear.

Next up has to be the sick Bert H on the remix for the equally good compilation Critical Event and Friends volume 3 Like YouLovers Heart from this mix up is a sick hyped track that has some chilled out elements which is why this is such a favorite of mine. The one who can make disgusting, industrial, deep, grinding elements align with sweet, ethereal drifting sounds will always have my eternal love and devotion. This is what Bert H manages to encapsulate on this roller.

Invadhertz with the pared back but seriously effective track Something About you  is a dangerous tune in the sense its simple in its percussion and bass when it starts but then it hits you. It’s insidious! Before you know it this one gets into your spirit and takes over your facial emotions that you can’t help but screw up your face at those aggressive hits and drops.

One of my favourites SATL bequeathing us with Don’t be Afraid on the EP Glow1  almost induced tears when I heard this. A beautiful atmospheric roller ‘trust me’ when I say this has a plethora of elements that will bathe you in it’s glory. This is a feel good track perfect for the hot summer we’re currently having.

Artificial Intelligence continues the vibe with Holding Out from True Colours EP with some more stunning liquidity. Beautiful breathy vocals drape themselves over this musical laden melting pot of plucking pianos, strings, fast sharp claps and a epic melodic ascending break will leave your ears stunned.

Inja has been a standout talent this year and his debut album blank pages deserve’s a separate post within itself. However, I could not put down my favorite from this album No gravity with Anile on the beat. A deep thunderous spaced out stomper coupled with Inja’s sick flow you be rapping the catchy hook from memory.

When is there ever a time when I am not espousing the credentials of my guy Seba. Innocence from the Hospitality compilation Sick Music 2018 continues the theme! Teaming up with Physics on this spiritually harmonious offering, this track is a gorgeous mixture of lilting vocals, jungle drum rolls and gilded reverberating arpeggio.

Below is a few of the other songs I fell in deep love with there is so many to list I would be writing forever. Be sure to support the talent of these guys who regularly drop these bangers for us to consume. Peace.

Beatport Support The Talent

Hospital Records- Support The Talent

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