SUBNOTEZ- Stranger Beat’s

I just love when I come across unsigned talent that should be signed. It feels like the magical moment between yourself and the sunrise when you wake up early and the atmosphere is so still and quiet it’s like your the only person who is baring witness to this beauty. Dramatic analogy I know! But that’s exactly what it feels like and this discovery is no different. Subnotez/Hertenfels is a cool dude who I connected with via twitter from Austria who more than just ‘dabbles’ in the production of drum and bass. I checked out some of his stuff and it blew my socks off!

Stranger Beats is a brilliant mash of some serious stonking bass, amplified effects and melodic symbiosis. The first track Stranger Beats is a pumped full of 80’s synth, bassed out extravaganza. Sphere begins ecapsulated by a rapid drum roll and rat ta tat hi hat before this beauty builds into a mantasm of greatness. Daylight with its tinkering bells and pared back kick and snare begins ominously before decending into a bassed out wonder. Soul slows down the tempo with dramatic orchestral spacey jungle inspired elements.  Wonderland is a wonderful collective of djembe drums, electronic beeps, emotional violin strings and rapid fire percussion when finally the End Credits saving the best till last begins with a thunderous kick and electronic synth enthused nirvana.  Before diving into a cold bass overload this track quickly ramps up the pace all the while weaving in those nostalgic 90’s jungle effects.

There are some tracks on here that would not be out of place on Celsius Records or Dispatch Recordings that’s how good it is. Be sure to check out his collection.


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