Top DnB Track releases January

2018 finished on a high for the greatest genre drum and bass (my biased opinion!). There was so many highlights in the year whether it came down to bootleg tunes being dropped like Unglued’s If we Ever or Urbandawn’s Beatles remix or massive events like the legendary Sun and Bass in Sardinia or Hospital Records 5 days of non-stop Drum and Bass, Hospitality on the Beach in Croatia, there has been no shortage of talent and creative juices flowing.

So 2019, the bar has been set, can Drum and Bass ride the crescendo and keep it’s head above the waves…..of course!

January has already kicked things off with some tasty nuggets of gold from a host of names dropping some humungous beats

  1. Police in Helicopter (Benny L Remix)

I could not start without mentioning the biggest remix to blow right now from the legendary Benny L with his Remix of the John Holt song Police in Helicopter due for release on Hospital records Sick Music 2019 out on the 25th January 2019. At the moment this remix is sitting pretty at the top of the Beatport charts a feat never done by any drum and Bass track before which in itself is amazing. But no surprise considering the reggae vibes mixed with Benny L’s legendary bass drops, this track deserves all the kudos right now.

2. Grey Code Reprieve

Get used to this name because you will be seeing a lot more of it! Released on the Metalheadz label this epic EP Reprieve does anything but with some of the tightest arrangements. Whether it’s those molten liquid pads or the aggressive bassline’s this is getting a heavy rotate right now.

3. Epicentre Run Em Out

From the Deep in the Jungle Anthems 5 album sampler, this jungle inspired tune is thunderous with the catchiest hooks and reggae inspired samples I defy you to not be skanking to this banger.

4. Mage Memory Lane

Taken from the EP Edge of the Earth out on Celcius recordings, A jazzy guitar rift paired with beautiful piano chords, this sublime liquid roller leaves you with a warm feeling perfect for these winter days.

5. Saikon Badman Can’t dance

Any release on Spearhead Records needs to be listened to no doubt about that and the track taken from the equally epic EP Subway Writers, Badman Can’t dance is no exception. This tune is blowing up the scene right now with its looping samples, jungle infused drum pattern and it’s deep liquid breaks making this an essential club stomper.

Can’t wait to hear what the remainder of the month beholds!

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