Drum And Bass Throwback Tuesday

Sometimes you gotta reminisce and remember the reason why your here, and part of that for me is remembering the reason why I love Drum and Bass and the tunes I fell in love with that propelled me head first deep into this genre. The plethora of names that is in the genre right now, sometimes you can forget some of the pioneering names that really made the scene what it is today. These are some of the tunes that really defined my love for the genre.

LTJ Bukem Horizons

LTJ Bukem really deserves the rank of God or at least in some ways he needs to be ordained as some type of saint for what he has brought to the genre. He has been around since the early 1990’s achieving fame through DJing in the rave scene whilst birthing the Good Looking Records label under which emerged names such as Seba, Blu Mar Ten and Aquarius (also known as Photek!) also a trained pianist this guys achievements are endless. This particular song gained notoriety and is a classic favorite of mine even now man this tune does not age.

Adam F Circles

Another legend who has accomplished so much for the genre. Adam F is the founder of independent label Breakbeat Kaos which released Pendulums album Hold Your Colour as well as having success with collabos in Hip Hop with artists such as Redman and Del la Soul. Before all of that he was releasing bangers on Metalheadz and even before that you had this. I remember Circles and I was just 12! This song actually made it into the UK Top 20 charts, that’s mad! Definitely shows the 90’s was about making quality tunes. Having an older sister who was into Jungle was great and at the time I remember playing this on a mixtape she’d managed to cop on our stereo, serious nostalgic memories with this wonder.

Goldie Inner City Life

This list wouldn’t be complete without Goldie the one and only enough said! I remember studying my GCSE’S to this! I must get the musciallity from my mum because she played this tune on repeat she always knew about the tunes. The epic rawness of this is phenomenal even now

Dillinja Deadly Ceremonies

Heavyweight Dillinja has been blowing up the scene for decades and still those. If you see his name on a gig in your hometown even if you ain’t got money somehow you’re making it! Deadly Ceremonies is just like its name! This tune was on the flipside along with Sovereign Melody which is another classic but this is my favorite. I remember the first break blowing my head with it’s atmospheric synth and creeping piano chords epic.

Roni Size Brown Paper Bag

This tune has one of the most famous breaks, even if you were not into Jungle you knew about this rift! The arrangement is so tight from the beginning to the breakdown it makes you wonder how this is 22 years old! Timeless classic.

Blu Mar Ten Into The Light ft Airwalker

Blu Mar Ten are one of my favorites, words cannot express the feeling I have encountered with some of their releases, other worldly doesn’t even come close. Kings of creating that special type of ambient Drum and Bass, I can clearly remember when I first heard it. I was on a bus going to work it was a 50 minute journey and I had this primed ready for my journey I didn’t want to spoil it walking down the streets with the traffic so hadn’t even had a peep. When I played this the first song on the album, I was transported from that bus into another world. I will never forget it I couldn’t breath! It’s almost like this track requires some type of worship it’s ethereal but chunky without being cumbersome and really is just full of the energy of light. Can’t help but clutch my chest everytime I hear this even now.

Bcee Generations

Since his emergence in 2002 and his subsequent founding of Spearhead Records in 2005, Bcee has helped shaped the DnB world. Imagine he signed the early releases of Alix Perez, S.P.Y and Lenzman that is huge. In recent times he has released some epic albums himself such as Northpoint and Thanks for Joining Us, crazy collabs through the Vanguard Project Bcee’s talents are endless. This track though I remember first hearing it in a mix on soundcloud, I was going mad! That then started an epic hunt to try and find out who the hell’s tune this was (there was no shazam at the time!) I remember when I got this I almost shed tears, such beautiful vocals and deep sonorous bass.

Leave a comment and let me know what were the tunes that defined this genre for you! 🙂

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