Physical Illusion & Hidden Element- Raw Cuts EP

Absys Records are back with another sick release from a great match up between Physical Illusion and Hidden Element on the aptly labled EP Raw Cuts. Physical Illusion real name Pawal Kuzmin from Kiev, Ukraine is known for his blissful liquid vibes and has had releases on labels such as Fokuz Recordings, Celsius, Scientific Records and has previously had releases on Absys Records in the past as well as founding his own label Intelligent Recordings in 2009. A man of many talents joining forces with the duo Hidden Element Igor Kirilenko and Nil Tarasov also from the Ukraine who similarly have a ambient, chilled modus operandi have switched it up nicely on this latest release coming with a definite more aggressive tone.

Starting with the cool resonance of Ancient Spirit the simplicity of the track beginning with extended arctic strings coupled together with a reversed under current of warbling bass weaving in between before building into pared back percussive elements with vocals peppered throughout. Badman ramps it up a gear with this heavy weighted stepper with a thunderous bassline and a relentless staccato drum pattern. Out of the last trio Primal Rhythm comes full circle with a sure fire club banger starting off innocently enough with a range of reverbed percussion before metaphorically kicking you in the face with its dark and mighty bass providing harmonic and rhythmic support to this melodic roller

Raw Cuts is a welcome divergent into the darker sides of these artists talents and is yet another golden nugget released under the umbrella of Absys Records who can always be relied upon to show case the best in talent.

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