Drum And Bass Throwback Tuesday

Sometimes you gotta reminisce and remember the reason why your here, and part of that for me is remembering the reason why I love Drum and Bass and the tunes I fell in love with that propelled me head first deep into this genre. The plethora of names that is in the genre right now,... Continue Reading →

Top DnB Track releases January

2018 finished on a high for the greatest genre drum and bass (my biased opinion!). There was so many highlights in the year whether it came down to bootleg tunes being dropped like Unglued's If we Ever or Urbandawn's Beatles remix or massive events like the legendary Sun and Bass in Sardinia or Hospital Records... Continue Reading →

Silence Groove- Origins

Silence Groove is really doing it for me right now! I have been drawn to his releases recently every time I scour Beatport or my Deezer App. The consistency is so tight I know I'm going to fall in love with the empirical greatness and this latest release does not disappoint. I totally get the... Continue Reading →

SUBNOTEZ- Stranger Beat’s

I just love when I come across unsigned talent that should be signed. It feels like the magical moment between yourself and the sunrise when you wake up early and the atmosphere is so still and quiet it's like your the only person who is baring witness to this beauty. Dramatic analogy I know! But... Continue Reading →

Rizzle- State Of Evolution

Upcoming new comer Rizzle states his presence on this chunky EP State Of Evolution released on Dispatch Recordings. This showcase has everything you could wish for in an drum and bass EP, electrified synth implosions, gargantous industrial bass lines and dripping wet pads this has it all. Memory Glitch, this beat is like its a... Continue Reading →

Radical- Touch / Build Me Up Bungle Remix

Krzysztof Golinski aka Radicall is pretty rad indeed! As someone described a living legend! An accomplished producer he has been releasing bangers since the early 2000’s on labels such as Absys Records, Terra Firma and Influenza  to name a few. One of my all time favorites from a little while back would have to be... Continue Reading →

L-Side- Carnal Mind

There are those times when your minding your own business busying yourself with life when the digital age strikes, you get an alert, it's a new album release oh and it's L-side! Sick, new tunes alright let me check it out. Never expecting yourself to be transported and whisked away on a musical roller coaster... Continue Reading →

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