Silence Groove- Origins

Silence Groove is really doing it for me right now! I have been drawn to his releases recently every time I scour Beatport or my Deezer App. The consistency is so tight I know I'm going to fall in love with the empirical greatness and this latest release does not disappoint. I totally get the... Continue Reading →

SUBNOTEZ- Stranger Beat’s

I just love when I come across unsigned talent that should be signed. It feels like the magical moment between yourself and the sunrise when you wake up early and the atmosphere is so still and quiet it's like your the only person who is baring witness to this beauty. Dramatic analogy I know! But... Continue Reading →

Vanguard Project are back with a brilliant 5 track EP Identity Crisis featuring the likes of Dexcell, Pat Fulgoni and Leo Wood. Released on Rotterdam based underground label Focuz recordings, when I saw that I knew guaranteed this was going to be brilliant. Since it's conception in the late 90's Focuz recordings have been at the forefront... Continue Reading →

Satl- Everything and Anything Goes!

The main man Satl delivers a stonking EP Everything Anything due for exclusive release via Integral stores on 13th April or general release on 20th April 2018. Fittingly released on Integral records this EP manages to cover all bases starting off with the EP namesake Everything Anything is a piano laden gem full of funky... Continue Reading →

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