Bert H & HumaNature- Blackhouse Rocks!

Bert H and HumaNature bequeath us with a phenomenal EP released today on Galacy records called Blackhouse and it rocks, every song is solid no fillers in here.  Bert H from Moscow exploded onto the scene in 2014 and has been a regular on my playlists having worked with some of my idols Seba and Zero... Continue Reading →

Askel- Vessel Of Light

My heart has been stolen this morning well and truly! Askel Lightvessel has just been released on Absys Recordings this sweet ensemble begins rapturously with a beautiful entrance that has a 80's Sci-Fi vibe that then leads you by the ear into a wonderful symphony of synths, womping bass and some down right dirty sinister... Continue Reading →

Tash Sultana- Golden Girl

Tash Sultana, this barefoot wonder born 15th June 1995 is an Australian born singer song writer who rose to fame from her amazing YouTube videos that brilliantly epitomize the wonder of making banging music in your bedroom no studio necessary! Embodying the term one man band (or woman in this case) Sultana who apparently has... Continue Reading →

Zero T- Irish Legend

Zero T also known as Cian McCann has been in the game for over 14 years starting out in the scene in Dublin he has worked with the likes of Calibre, Alix Perez and Noisia to name a few. His influence in the DnB world is vast and he has always been a firm favorite... Continue Reading →

Alia Fresco- Ordinary Thing

By no means a new song, but I had to review Alia Fresco‚Äôs Ordinary Thing as it just is a 10* rated track. Discovering this whilst watching the legendary D-Bridge do a set at The Boiler Room this simple bass production is different to say featuring's on We Could Be with The Levels which is much more soulful.... Continue Reading →

Whiney- Creating A Charm

"Full of aggressive grinding bass that is so accomplished it sounds like it's been around for years" Talisman, the opening song and album name heralds a plethora of greatness that is about to descend on you. Beginning with distant ethereal vocals the beat descends into a warbling grinding bass that is a surprise if you... Continue Reading →

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