Drum And Bass Throwback Tuesday

Sometimes you gotta reminisce and remember the reason why your here, and part of that for me is remembering the reason why I love Drum and Bass and the tunes I fell in love with that propelled me head first deep into this genre. The plethora of names that is in the genre right now,... Continue Reading →

Top DnB Track releases January

2018 finished on a high for the greatest genre drum and bass (my biased opinion!). There was so many highlights in the year whether it came down to bootleg tunes being dropped like Unglued's If we Ever or Urbandawn's Beatles remix or massive events like the legendary Sun and Bass in Sardinia or Hospital Records... Continue Reading →

Vanguard Project are back with a brilliant 5 track EP Identity Crisis featuring the likes of Dexcell, Pat Fulgoni and Leo Wood. Released on Rotterdam based underground label Focuz recordings, when I saw that I knew guaranteed this was going to be brilliant. Since it's conception in the late 90's Focuz recordings have been at the forefront... Continue Reading →

Bcee- Simply Magic

My obsession Bcee is back with featuring's from Degs and a remix of Galactus Jack's 100 bequeathing us a beautiful chilled 3 track EP right in time for me to fly out tomorrow on holiday and make sure my playlist is loaded for those beach days. Magic Words might be the EP name due to all the... Continue Reading →

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